User Groups
PyNam User Groups or Initiatives

Different Initiatives or user groups have been established to cater for different needs of the community.
All groups organise events where different Developers meet to share skills and help beginners.

Django Namibia

Django Namibia is an initiative that focuses on helping Developers interested in learning Web development.

Pyladies Namibia

PyLadies Namibia is a Mentor-ship group in Namibia focused on helping more women become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source Community.

DjangoGirls Windhoek

Is a free one day workshop targeted at women and girls to learn the basics of web development In Python & Django.

PyData Namibia

PyData Namibia is the Namibia chapter of the international PyData community. Data science enthusiasts and beginners can join this community to learn and share ideas with others by using data analysis tools.

PyNam Scholars

PyNam Scholars aim to spread the knowledge of Python programming across the country among school learners of any age.


Provides an insightful environment that helps the development of new and reliable forms of Artificial Inteligence within our community.

pyGamers Namibia

Is an initiative that use Python library for writing and creating games in Python language.