About Us
Who are We?

We are called "PyNam". We are a Python Programming society of Namibia. PyNam was created on February 2015. We are a combination of University students, high school learners and people from the industry who have an interest in programming in Python. We bring together the Python Community in Namibia and we create a new generation of Python Developers from as young as primary school learners. All of us in Namibia could become Python developer if we hold hands and start contributing to it, More than that our involvement will change the future of software development in Namibia.

Aim: Our aim is to learn as much of Python as we can and use it to help create programs that will help our society. We want to possibly introduce Python to be taught in high schools in Namibia.

The executive team: Python Namibia is lead entirely by volunteer members of the Python community. The volunteers also help to organise the Python Namibia Conference.


  • All students and members of staff of the University as well as members of the community who are enthusiasts of programming using python shall be eligible to become members of the Society.
  • Any eligible person shall become a member of the Society on signing the official membership contract of the society and upon payment to the Society of the appropriate membership fee, the amount of which shall be determined annually by the committee of the Society.

Board of Directors

The executive team of the PyNam Society.

Jessica Upani


Ngatatue Mate

Vice President

Ngazetungue Muheue

Executive Director

Venon Swanepool


Vakuna Murangi


Unotjari Kandjavera


User Group Leaders

These are leaders that run Python user groups in Namibia.

Ngazetungue Muheue

Django Namibia Chair

Elna Kahimbi Mukasa

PyLadies Namibia Chair

Elise Hannah Kasai

PyLadies Namibia Co-Chair

Ngatatue Mate

PyData Namibia Chair

Paulus Hauwanga

pyGamers Chair

Patrick N Nghifikwa

pyAI Chair

Paulus Shaanika

pyAI Co-Chair

George Hindjou

pyAI Marketing

Lahja Nelumbu

PyNam Scholars Public Relations Officer

Herman Mutalya

PyNam Scholars Chair

Uendjisuvera Katjipuka

PyNam Scholars Co-Chair

Ritjiukua Kauapirura

PyNam Scholars Curriculum Development Chair